Look for the Lord: Color-coded Bible Study Marking System Bookmark (Set of 3)

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There are so many ways to Study and Journal the Bible, and this is an easy, colorful way to make the most of your time in the Word. It is great for ANYONE, but especially visual learners! 

As you read a passage of Scripture, use the Color-coded Bible Study Marking System on these Bookmarks to mark various words or phrases in each verse. I recommend reading the passage multiple times: once, to read the basic idea, a second time to mark any reference to God (#LookfortheLord), and a third to then mark anything else in the passage.

Save your highlighting of Key Verses or Phrases for last so that you can still see the individual marking of any words. And lastly, don't forget to mark pronouns too! This helps you understand who the "he's" and "she's" are in the passage. It makes a huge difference when the writer is referring to God rather than the devil, and we want to make sure we never get that confused.


Your order comes with 3 Bookmarks for you to use while reading the Bible:

1-What I currently use and post snapshots of on Instagram from my own study. It also includes space for you to mark your own codes from your personal study.

2-Categories are listed without any marking symbols for you to personalize and tailor the system to your own preferences.

3-Rectangles, Ovals, Underlines, and Highlights in various colors are listed, without categories, for you to personalize and tailor the system to your own preferences.


Please note that this is a digital product that you will download and print yourself. No physical product will be sent to you. In keeping with this digital nature, there will be no refunds. Please contact Sarah at anchoredjournals@gmail.com if there are any questions or problems with downloading.