Growing in Gratitude and God's Word | Gratitude and Scripture Writing Journal

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Growing in Gratitude and God's Word: Your Journey to Joy and Increasing Your Faith

Do you ever feel like the stress of life is stealing your joy?
Do you wish that you could spend more time in God's Word, but aren't sure how to start?

Train your focus.
Growing in Gratitude and God's Word is a 12-month Gratitude and Scripture Writing Journal that helps you focus daily on:
-Observing all you have to be thankful for
-Nurturing your faith through Scripture Writing
-Reflecting on the day that God has given you

What size is the Journal?
At 7.44" x 9.69", it is the size of a Composition Notebook for ease of writing and portability.

More Information:
The Growing in Gratitude & God's Word 12-month Journal is designed with 3 sections: Gratitude, Scripture Writing, and Reflection.

In the top Gratitude section, start your day off right by noting three things that you are thankful for. Be as general or specific as you want; it’s your Journal after all. Think you’ll run out of things to be thankful for by the end of the month? Reflect on not only what you have, but also who you are in Christ and what He has done for you.

Scripture Writing
The middle section has a new Bible verse for each day with spaces for you to write it out multiple times. Scripture writing is a tool to help you memorize God’s Word, but also to set your mind on Him amongst the distractions of life.

Before your evening ends, jot down something from your day that you can look back on down the road. Think of what you experienced, observed, or learned that you’d like to remember. And don’t forget to put the “not-so-good” things too. Watching how God works in situations that seem impossible will strengthen your faith and keep your focus on Him. As you go throughout your day filling out each section, make sure you season each step with prayer. Pray that your life would be “transformed by the renewing of your mind” (Romans 12:2).

What Others Are Saying:
"This is the only resolution that I have made... to improve my relationship with God by writing His Word." -Carol
"Excellent idea! Something I have been looking to do in easy-to-do steps! Thankful for this idea and your sharing!" -Sheila
"I am in the Word so much more because this is so achievable. Thanks for sharing!" -Jayna
"Gratitude is such a life changer!" -Catherine

Other journals have spaces for 30 or 60 days, but this has a page for every day of the year. It is dated without the year so you can start at any time and any year. It also contains a Verse Bank in the back of the Journal to see all the verses used in the Old Testament/New Testament order.